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Strong & Sxy lifting straps

My Strong & Sxy lifting straps are used to help with grip. They will literally change your training game ! You know when you’re concentrating on holding the bar/handle from slipping out of your hands, these take that away and help you to focus more on the exercise.

There are many exercises you can use them for, but here are a few examples:

  • Deadlifts
  • Lat pull downs
  • DB lunges
  • Pull ups
  • Hanging ab exercises
  • Bent over rows

I wanted to create these because when I first started lifting I struggled with grip and I couldn’t get on with any straps that were on the market. I know so many of you struggle with the same thing, so I wanted to create something that would make your training sessions a little *easier* and more effective.

Please let me know how you get on with them, I would love to hear your feed back! :-)

Lisa xx

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Price: GBP 15.99 / USD 20.88 / EUR 18.23

Knee sleeves

My 7mm neoprene knee sleeves are ideal for static lifting and are a dense support that provides the knee joint strong compression, support, and warmth. Benefits include prevention of knee problems such as strains, overuse injuries, and swelling.

Material - neoprene

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Price: GBP 26.99 / USD 34.99 / EUR 31.99

Ankle attachments

My ankle attachments for weight lifting offer a secure fit for anyone looking to enhance their leg/glute exercises with proper form and better leverage. Each attachment has two d-rings for security. Great for glute kick back, cable hip adduction & cable hip abduction exercises.

Material - nylon, neoprene and steel

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Price: GBP 15.99 / USD 20.99 / EUR 18.99


Product Bundle

One of each

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Price: GBP 49.99 / USD 65.15 / EUR 58.63

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